In case you weren’t aware there’s a new kid(robot) in town. The vinyl toy scene just got interesting with a new start up company called Superplastic. The brain child of Huck Gee (world famous toy designer) and Paul Budnitz (founder of Kidrobot).

Their kickstarter launched with a bang last week surpassing their funding target within a couple of hours. It currently stands at 1400% funded. Incredible. Here’s a link to the campaign.

The launch toy called Janky is a really nice figure and the lineup for the first series is fantastic. So there’s no wonder why its done so well and its great news for the industry too. My worry was that too many art toy companies were going down the licensed toys route and away from the art and upcoming artists.

They also released a really cool stretch goal idea, where they get the public to submit their own ideas/artwork and if they reached 100 submissions, they would release a new figure. I contributed to this with my own design called Southpaw – The Racoon Boxer, below. Most people ask for more money in order to release a stretch goal so this was a great way to involve the community and harks back to the notion that this focuses on the individual artist/s and the art rather then purely financial gain.

I take my hat off to the guys at Superplastic and can’t wait to get my Janky figures and also excited to see what’s in store for the future.