If you fancy trying your hand at poster concept art,  check out Poster Spy. A neat place for upcoming artists to submit their own alternative movie poster art. They run really great competitions and its a good platform to test your skills in poster design. You can check out other artists too and see their take on the same brief or just browse the site for inspiration.

I love Red Dwarf, it was always a fave show of mine growing up so I thought it was a good one to start on. The brief was to create a poster to promote the upcoming 12th series.

I went for a concept that had a nod to The Beatles, Abbey Road album cover with the “Fab Four” of the Dwarf walking past corridor 12 (XII).  This particular project was certainly a challenge, I wanted to push myself as up until now I’ve only dabbled in character design and I wanted to create my own style of the 4 characters.

Numerous hours went into this poster and I was really pleased with the results. Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition but it got a great reception on twitter with Craig Charles and one of the producers retweeting it. Some entries however were outstanding and the process has certainly improved my ability. As they say, its the taking part that counts after all, right? Well, I’ve definitely got the bug to try again.